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Uncommon Scents Triple-Milled Shea Butter Soap - 3.5 oz.

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Uncommon Scents Triple-Milled Shea Butter Soaps are made from sustainable plant oils, shea butter & glycerin. There are no harsh chemicals to dry your skin; just rich, creamy lather that rinses off cleanly. The fragrances are truly addictive; you will love them. They are 100% naturally derived and have a natural preservative. All Palm Oil used to produce the soap base is CERTIFIED SUSTAINABLE by the Round-table of Sustainable Palm Oil. Made for us by The Australian Natural Soap Company in Melbourne, Australia.

Ingredients: Sustainable Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water (Aqua), Fragrance (Perfume), Glycerine, Shea Butter, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Gluconate, Titanium Dioxide


Almond - The natural richness of almonds offers a wealth of healing properties that boost skin’s resilience.

Berry Crush - Berry lovers enjoy the strong mixed berry scent. This is a big hit with the kids!

Cocoa Butter - A mild yet effective moisturizer, cocoa butter softens even the most sensitive of skin.

Coconut Vanilla - Rich Vanilla Fragrance with a hint of Coconut.

Extra Creamy Goats Milk - Great for sensitive, dry or damaged skin, goats milk has powerful anti-bacterial properties for a highly effective treatment of skin blemishes and conditions. Extra creamy goats milk nourishes and soothes the skin while the mild aroma calms the mood.

Frangipani - Uplifting and soothing, the magical, floral scent of frangipanis restores inner peace and tranquility while relaxing the body.

French Pear - A succulent and sweet fragrance, French Pear leaves skin feeling fresh and luxurious. Crisp and juicy aromas generously moisturize for soft, sweet results.

Goats Milk & Berries - With Nepalese Lemongrass Essential Oil.

Lavender with Flowers - Capture the essence of lush lavender fields with this sweet floral aroma. Both stimulating and calming, lavender soothes headaches, relaxes the mind and reduces stress.

Lemon Myrtle - Lemon myrtle is a sophisticated citrus scent that reduces stress and relieves congestion. This delicate, earthy aroma is highly effective for relaxing the body and promoting deep, refreshing sleep.

Lilac - The refreshing floral scent of lilac eases anxiety and calms the mind. Intoxicating and sweet, lilac promotes relaxation and a harmonious mood while smoothing the skin for a healthy, glowing appearance.

Manuka Honey - The distinct, rich texture of Manuka honey gently moisturizes and heals the skin. Used for centuries to rejuvenate and exfoliate, this sweet, comforting scent soothes with a boost of energy.

Oatmeal & Milk - Fresh, wholesome country milk enriches and moisturizes while gentle, exfoliating oatmeal heals and soothes. Suitable for the most delicate skin, this soap contains age-old remedies for relieving dry, irritated skin and restoring natural moisture.

Ocean Breeze - The cool, refreshing breeze of the ocean breathes life into the body, increasing air flow and promoting circulation. The healing power of the sea improves the elasticity and appearance of the skin while the fresh, mineral scent stimulates and revitalizes.

Olive Oil with Cocoa Butter - Restore skin smoothness with the healing properties of fresh, pure olive oil. A mild yet effective moisturizer, cocoa butter softens even the most sensitive of skin. These time-tested ingredients soften and nourish skin for a renewed and glowing appearance.

Orange Zest - Perky, lively and distinct, this all-natural scent reduces anxiety and calms the mood. The orange bursts with energy and life, improving skin health and awakening the mind.

Patchouli - Exotic, sensual patchouli calms then revitalizes dehydrated skin. Ideal for treating a number of skin conditions, patchouli alleviates irritation while the heady, earthy scent intoxicates.

Pineapple Coconut & Lime - Tropical ingredients rejuvenate sun-damaged skin, improving overall skin texture. Lime invigorates the lungs, vitamin C encourages collagen renewal, and coconut fortifies skin and seals in moisture.

Pomegranate - Rich and bursting with moisture, the tart and fruity pomegranate deeply moisturizes the skin for a soft, healthy glow. Powerful anti-oxidants are quickly absorbed, leaving skin feeling nourished and luxurious.

Rose - Fragrant and beautiful, the rose has long been a symbol of love. Soft and sweet rose petals boost skins’ resiliency while healing blemishes. This romantic, relaxing scent invokes positive thoughts and feelings of happiness.

Sandalwood - Sweet, warm, rich sandalwood heals dry skin, soothes rashes and eliminates blemishes. Known for increasing circulation, sandalwood entices the senses.

Spearmint & Bran - Refreshing Spearmint.

Strawberry Melon - Hydrate your skin with juicy, delicate Strawberry Melon. One of the best natural sources of antioxidants, melon can ease the signs of aging while luscious red strawberry reduces stress. Relieve your body with this lovely, distinctive aroma.

Sweet Pea & Jasmine - The floral citrus scent of sweet pea brightens and invigorates. Gentle on sensitive skin, this soap captivates the senses with its fragrant, sensuous lather.

Wild Honeysuckle - Immerse your senses in the sweet, serene aroma of wild honeysuckle. This light-hearted yet intoxicating scent cools the body while calming aches and easing congestion.