About Us

While attending UC Berkeley in the early 70's, Chuck Agol worked at The Body Shop on Telegraph Avenue with the crew that hand-cut, wrapped and labelled the freshly cured loaves of transparent glycerin soaps. The soaps were made nearby at Libby Laboratories and had unusual names like Cinnamon-Apple, Blueberry, Musk and Patchouli. Chuck's in-law, Dr. Henry Libby, was among the first cosmetic chemists to blend natural ingredients like papaya, honey, cucumber and almond meal into moisture creams, soaps and body lotions.

After graduation, Chuck continued to work in the wholesale side of the business, packing orders in the warehouse, until he moved north to Eugene in 1974 to start Uncommon Scents® with three friends from Berkeley. Libby Labs generously agreed to formulate products for Uncommon Scents, some of which we still sell today like Jojoba Moisture Cream. The first Uncommon Scents® shop opened in The Atrium Building in downtown Eugene in late 1974 and the rest is history - the products were a hit for holiday gift-giving and year-round use. Customers could refill their bottles for a discount and have their bubble baths and massage oils custom scented with an expanding range of 'uncommon scents' like Amber, China Musk, Strawberry and Spring Rain. This store was followed over the years by several more retail locations in Eugene's 5th Street Public Market, Valley River Center, The Meridian Building and in Portland's Yamhill Marketplace. A separate warehouse location housed the offices, mail-order and wholesale divisions throughout the 80's, 90's and up until 2008 when Chuck sold his interest in the "brick & mortar store" and kept the UncommonScents.com "online store" which was launched in 1996.

Now in its 48th year in business, Uncommon Scents continues to provide the best in natural bath and body care from its facility in Springfield, Oregon while walking softly on the Earth. Effective formulations, recyclable packaging, and dozens of amazing perfume essences are offered, along with Body Lotions, Massage Lotions, Shower Gels, and those amazing Specialty Glycerin Soaps.

In addition to our own brand of products, we offer an international selection of bath and body care products from top-rated manufacturers like Maui Soap Company, Spongelle, Mixologie, The Naked Bee, Pre de Provence, Kuumba Made, Lamarre Soap Co, Crystalux, Dresdner Essenz, Camila Solingen, Via Mercato, Primal Elements, Caswell-Massey, and Speert. Let us deliver our award-winning products and service right to your location anywhere in the world...

Our curated perfume essence collection currently includes: Acai Berry, Aloe Vera, Amber, Amber Romance type, Blackberry Sage, Blue Musk, China Lily, China Musk, China Rain, Coco Sandalwood, Cucumber, Dark Musk, Egyptian Musk, Fabulous Fig, French Lavender, French Vanilla, Green Tea, Hibiscus Passion, Himalaya, Jasmine, Lavender Vanilla, Lemon Verbena, Light Musk, Lilac, Maui Ginger, Muguet, Mysore Sandalwood, Nag Champa, Night Blossom, Oud Riche, Patchouli, Pikake, Plumeria, Pomegranate, Powder, Rain, Rose Petal, Royal Creme, Sonoma Spa Blossom, Spring Rain, Tea Rose, Toasted Coconut, Tropical Gardenia, Tuscan Blood Orange, Vanille de Provence, Waterlily and White Tea.

Our goal is to supply our customers with the very best selection of affordable, top-quality perfume essences and natural body care products. We've always done this with your customer feedback and support, so please keep it coming. And, stay tuned as we now take aim at 50 years of serving the greater Uncommon Scents® community...