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La Lavande Honey French Bath Soap 250g

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Jardin de Senteurs | Rectangle | Honey | 8.8 oz.

Made with shea butter and natural vegetable oils, each La Lavande Jardin de Senteurs soap is cleansing and moisturizing, gentle enough for daily use. The triple milling insures a rich lather and makes this soap long-lasting. The large rectangle shape offers an easy to use bath bar, richly scented in a variety of popular floral, citrus, fruity and clean fragrances. Many scents in the Jardin des Senteurs series come with herbs and flowers for a gently exfoliating quality. 

This Honey French Bath soap has the rich and sweet fragrance of Honey and is a mild soap that is soothing for all skin types. The triple milling process makes a creamy soap with a luxurious lather that maintains its delicious scent until the last sliver.

Light yellow color with exfoliating lavender flowers, 250 grams (approx. 8.8 Oz.), 4″ x 2.5″ x 1.5" rectangle, protected with sheer cellophane.