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Wavertree & London Persimmon & Red Currant Soap Bar - 200 gm.

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Persimmon & Red Currant Triple Milled Soap - 7 ounces when packed

Inspired by autumn, persimmons and red currants have a sweet, musky scent that comforts and calms the senses. Red Currants promote skin regeneration and health. Rich in vitamins and minerals, these stimulating aromas relax the mind and warm the body. A luscious blend of exotic rich red currant fruit gilded with exotic spices and enshrined with ripe, tangy sweet persimmons.

Wavertree & London Australian made soaps are formulated with 100% Certified Sustainable pure plant oils and organic shea butter with no added color or artificial preservatives. The French triple-milling process creates a longer lasting bar with a creamy lather that rinses off cleanly. No SLS, Parabens, detergents or harsh chemicals. This moisturizing soap is mild and non-drying.