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Urbana Spa Privé Ten Reusable Face Pads

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Sale: $14.99
  • This pack of 10 reusable face pads come in their own mesh laundry bag for easy washing. Use to clean off excess dirt and makeup leaving skin clean and refreshed.
  • Use to clean skin, unclog pores, and gently remove dead skin cells. Allowing skin care products to penetrate effectively to prevent dry skin.
  • Carry in your purse, on vacation, or put in a loving care package as a gift for skin care on the go.
  • A perfect travel companion or gift for yourself or loved ones. These reusable face pads pair well with Urbana's other spa products for an excellent gift.
  • Enhance and intensify your at home private spa experience, Urbana products will bring out your skin's natural radiance and glow.