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Urbana Spa Privé Bamboo Body Brush

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Sale: $15.94
  • Round brush design made with natural bristles and strap on the back for easy-grip convenience. Pamper yourself at home with this exfoliating brush and Urbana's other quality spa products - You deserve it.
  • Use dry body brush to exfoliate, improving circulation while gently removing dead skin cells. Use wet with body wash or soap to clean skin and unclog pores allowing skin care products to penetrate effectively preventing dry skin.
  • Create a spa in the comfort of your own home. Add candles, scented soaps, room sprays, oils and lotions for a comprehensive experience.
  • A perfect travel companion or gift for yourself or loved ones. This bamboo round brush pairs well with Urnana's other spa products for an excellent gift.
  • Enhance and intensify your at home private spa experience, Urbana products will bring out your skin's natural radiance and glow.