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Uncommon Scents Patchouli Essential Oil - 1/3 oz. roll-top

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This is the same Patchouli essential oil we previously sold in TerraNova packaging.

 For thousands of years, this 100% pure, natural patchouli essential oil has been and is still used as a base for most perfume and essential oil blends, and is known for its calming, quieting and aphrodisiac properties.

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    Takes me back to 1972 in high school

    Posted by Sally on Oct 11, 2022

    If you're looking for a mellow realistic smelling patchouli oil that's very strong and extremely long-lasting look no further because this is it. It's not harsh at all and has a very mellow earthy smell with a slight floral note even. It reminds me of Patchouli oil that kids wore when I was in high school way back in 1972 when it first started to gain popularity as a perfume oil. I put a pin drop size amount on my wrist along with a nice dose of the white tea and it brings the white tea, one of my favorites, to a whole new level, but if you put too much on of this stuff you'll smell it for a week at least. Anyway, it's the best. Love this company, love their products.

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    Uncommon Scents Patchouli Essential Oil

    Posted by MH-L on Jun 25, 2022

    Wonderful rich fragrance - Recommend!

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    The Best, The Best, The Best

    Posted by Michael Bergman on Aug 31, 2021

    In my search for more Terranova Patchouli I learned that they closed after 50 years. After doing some searching I came across Uncommon Scents. Its been a long time since Patchouli so good gave me such joy. This is it folks! The Best Patchouli I have come across. Believe me I have bought many different brands. This reminds me very much of the patchouli from The Body Shop in the 80s and 90s before they were discontinued. You will not be disappointed.