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Crystalux Foot Powder Deodorant - 4 oz.

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24-Hour Foot Odor Protection, Naturally Crystalux Foot Powder contains powerful natural mineral salts to destroy odor causing bacteria without blocking pores and disrupting natural processes. It can be applied to washed or unwashed feet as well as footwear to reduce existing odor. Natural topical cornstarch keeps you dry without the use of chemicals, and there is never any talc in the Crystalux powders.

  • Made with natural ingredients, Crystalux Foot Foot Powder offers maximum odor protection with complete safety. No chemicals or synthetic products are added to this formula
  • This unscented formula is hypoallergenic for customers with sensitive skin
  • Free of synthetic oils, alcohol, emulsifiers or solvents, synthetic perfumes and chemical additives
  • Convenient sifter cap dispenser
  • 100% Pure & Natural!

Note: This is the exact same formula as the Crystalux Body Powder. Only the label is different.

Pure topical cornstarch, natural mineral salts. (Exact same formula as Crystalux Body Powder).

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