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For 40 years Uncommon Scents in Eugene, Oregon has provided the best in natural bath and body care while walking softly on the Earth. We offer cruelty-free products, recyclable packaging, and inviting fragrance choices in our brand of Perfume Oils, Moisture Lotions, Massage Oils, Shower Gels, Bath and Body Oils and Shea Butter Soaps. We also feature many natural product brands from around the world including Pre de Provence, Badger, TerraNova, Altesse, Camila, Crystalux, Citrus-Mate, The Naked Bee, Dresdner Essenz, Speert, BambooDreams, Yala Designs, Urban Spa and more...

We have big plans for 2015!

We are rolling out new labeling on our Uncommon Scents® Perfume Oils along with our latest fragrance, Sonoma Spa Blossom. In April we'll bring you some amazing new lotions in our Uncommon Scents® brand.

Please stay tuned...