ZAQ Riches Essential Oil Blend - 15 ml

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Riches Blend - Enrich Your Life, Day and Night

Let the strong smell of peeled tangerines fill your space, calm your nerves and relieve your stress as you enrich your life, day or night with the Riches Blend. A special blend of lavender, mandarin, lemon and bois de rose essential oils makes for a powerful aromatherapy experience to help manage pain, stress, anxiety and nausea. The calming, balancing and grounding effects of this essential oil blend will enrich your life - use it throughout the day to help you with a stressful work life or to manage physical pain. Use at night to help you slip into a deep, restful and peaceful sleep, free of the anxieties of the day. Diffuse a few drops of water in your ZAQ Aromatherapy Diffuser at any time during the day to regenerate mind, body and soul.

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