*CLEARANCE/NO RETURNS* White Gardenia Dead Sea Bath Salt - 2.2 lb. resealable bag

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  • SaltWorks White Gardenia Dead Sea Bath Salt - 2.2 lb resealable bag
  • SaltWorks White Gardenia Dead Sea Bath Salt - 2.2 lb resealable bag
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The sweet, delicate floral fragrance of white gardenia evokes soothing images of a warm summer evening. Let its floral essence transport you to a simpler way of life. Soak in a hot SaltWorks Gardenia bath and unwind as the therapeutic qualities of white gardenia restore balance to your body and mind. Combined with Dead Sea salt, this beautifying blend will bring you luminous skin and a spa-like tranquility.

Bokek® Fresh Scents by SaltWorks® is a line of natural bath salts created with their Bokek Dead Sea salt and the finest aromatic essential oils. Choose from six different scents to find your perfect variety, and experience how restorative a bath salt soak can be. Bokek Fresh Scents bath salt allows you to bring the relaxing benefits of a spa to the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Sourced directly from the Dead Sea, SaltWorks® Bokek® Dead Sea Salt is their bestselling bath salt. Renowned for its incredible therapeutic properties, SaltWorks ensures the ultimate in purity and mineral content with their exclusive Optically Clean® technology and sorting techniques. Deeply healing & effective for soothing dry skin issues, this salt has a variety of uses, such as salt scrubs, scented bath salts, and soaks. Guaranteed authentic, Bokek Dead Sea Salt is the premium choice.

Ingredients: Dead Sea salt and essential oil

* For external use only. Not tested on animals. Store in a cool, dry place. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your physician prior to use.

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