River Organics Vegan Blush Stick - Terra Cotta

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Terra Cotta Cream to Powder Blush goes on smooth with a light finish. The color gives your cheeks a warm tan look, great for contouring as well.

Size matters...let's talk about the illusion of packaging. 1 regular size blush is usually 5g or less. River Organics' paper tube holds almost 14g of product! Yes, they can look tiny at only 2 inches tall but when you remove all that extra plastic packaging which can make-up for over 60% of the size of a product then you are left with a whole lot of of blush! The added perk is it will last longer meaning you change it less often and create even less waste.

✧  100% Vegan Friendly

✧ Certified Cruelty free

✧ Eco-Friendly Packaging.

✧ Conflict-Free, Lab-Made Mica 

SIZE - Net Weight .50 oz / 14g

How to use:
 Simply push up from bottom and apply directly to the cheekbones. Apply in multiple layers until you reach the desired effect. 

Ingredients: *Sunflower Seed oil, *Safflower Seed oil, Candelilla Wax, Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Titanium dioxide (non-nano), Silica, Zinc oxide (non-nano), Arrowroot powder, Mica (conflict-free, lab-made), Iron Oxide.
*Certified Organic

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