Dresdner Essenz Naturally Healthy Bath Oils Gift Set - 2.04 fl. oz.

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Dresdner Essenz Health Bath Oils Set (3 x 20ml)

Enjoy these soothing health baths. Highly concentrated essential oils in combination with the heat of the bath have a particularly relaxing effect on the body and mind. An intensive care complex pampers the skin noticeably and prevents it from drying out. These baths developed for health and well-being are made with natural essential oils, giving you only the best that nature can offer. Gentle on your skin.

Muscle Therapy: Juniper, Wintergreen Oil

Rest & Sleep: Passion Flowers, Lavender

Back & Shoulders: Mountain Pine, Camphor

Notes: For external use only! Keep out of the reach of children! Not suitable for consuming. Due to the essential oil content not suitable for pregnant women, infants and toddlers.

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