Bucky Neck & Shoulder Wrap - Mocha

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  • Bucky Neck and Shoulder Wrap - Mocha
  • Bucky Neck and Shoulder Wrap - Mocha
  • Bucky Neck and Shoulder Wrap - Mocha
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Ease into bliss with the versatile comfort of Bucky’s Mocha Neck & Shoulder Wrap! Whether you desire cooling therapy or heat therapy, the premium buckwheat seed filling allows for both—simply put your shoulder wrap in the microwave for soothing heat relaxation, or in the freezer for a refreshing cold pack. Unlike traditional heat wraps that use rice and other grains, buckwheat is recommended and used by professional spas and salons worldwide as the best solution for long-lasting, moist heat. Even better, all Bucky buckwheat is naturally fragrance-free and grown without the use of pesticides or fertilizer.

18" x 30". Sized to wrap around your neck or upper shoulders and back.

All Bucky shoulder and neck wraps are designed for hands-free relief—gently drape the wrap on your neck and shoulders to alleviate aches and pains while moving freely throughout your day.

Put your Bucky Neck & Shoulder Wrap in the microwave for a heat wrap to reduce stress, anxiety, stiff and sore muscles, aching joints, headaches, arthritis pain, and much more! For a cooling wrap, let it chill in the freezer to help soothe strained muscles, bruises, insect stings, hot flashes, and reduce inflammation and swelling.

Each Neck & Shoulder Wrap comes with a removable, ultra-soft chenille cover that is machine washable. 

Liners are sewn shut without a zipper to allow for microwavable heating.


How do I clean my Neck & Shoulder Wrap?
Attention! Remove cover before washing. Do not wash filling. Machine wash cover cold. No Bleach. Tumble Dry Low or Spot Clean. No Iron.

Can I microwave my Neck & Shoulder Wrap?
Yes. Please follow the instructions on the packaging or in the Specifications Tab.

Can I heat my Neck & Shoulder Wrap using another method besides the microwave?
No. This product is designed to be heated only in a microwave.

How do I chill my Neck & Shoulder Wrap?
Seal in a plastic bag and place in freezer for 2 hours or more. Can be stored in the freezer.

How long will my Neck & Shoulder Wrap stay Warm or Cold?
Your Neck & Shoulder Wrap should retain warmth/cold for up to 30 minutes.
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